Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pat O'Brien's -- Orlando, FL

After meeting the M&Ms, Cromely and the GF stayed in Orlando and saw some more stuff. We stopped at a place that looks like New Orleans but isn't New Orleans.  They offered me some of their snacks but that stuff just smelled bad.

2013-02-09_Pat O'Brien's_Universla City Walk_Miles

Sunday, August 11, 2013

M&M World -- Orlando, FL

In February, Cromely, The GF, and I took a trip on a big boat (more about that later). We went to Orlando for a few days so we wouldn't be late for the boat.

Did you know there are parts of Orlando that are not the "Convention Center" or the airport?

2013-02-09_M&M World_MCO_Miles (3)

I made some new friends at the M&M store. There was so much candy my friend Bunny would shake her ears off!

2013-02-09_M&M World_MCO_Miles (5)

I trust this guy for some reason.

2013-02-09_M&M World_MCO_Miles Close Mouth

He wasn't alone though. Green was there, too.  She was a little snarky, but still nice.

2013-02-09_M&M World_MCO_Miles (1)

More adventures to come shortly...