Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tillamook Air Museum -- Tillamook, OR

Not all birds fly with wings.  I fly in airliners. But there's another way to fly. We saw smaller planes at the Tillamook Air Museum. They don't have a beverage service, but they do fly fast.

Cromely let me try to fly.

2011-11-29 Tilamook Air Museum

2011-11-29 Tilamook Air Museum

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cannon Beach, OR

Last November we went to the Oregon Coast. Cromely said it would be really pretty. He was right. There was a great hotel room with lots of Pillows! I like lots of pillows. Tuckers came, too, but he just wanted to build a fort and nap. Rex convinced him to go outside.

2011-12-02 Cannon Beach Day 4 Stuffed (9)

Outside it was chilly and nice.

2011-11-29 Canon Beach (48)

I also made a new friend. He's spends all his time outside.

2011-11-30 Cannon Beach (41)

The best part was all the snacks. I think I had one on each day.

2011-11-30 Cannon Beach (37)

2011-11-29 Canon Beach (179)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kelly Inn -- West Yellowstone, MT

Before we had our adventures in the park, we spent the night in a hotel.  I'm no stranger to hotels, but the Kelly Inn had some neat toys to play with.

Where am I?
2012-06-15-Miles in W Yellowstone Hotel

2012-06-15-Miles in W Yellowstone Hotel-003
This lamp was neat.

2012-06-15-Miles in W Yellowstone Hotel-002
All the lamps had bears!

2012-06-15-Miles in W Yellowstone Hotel-008

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center -- West Yellowstone, MT

We got to see lots of the other kids of animals when we went to the Grizzly and Wolf discovery Center. They ran around and played. Some looked mean, but fluffy. Some just looked fluffy and friendly. Still, Cromely said I shouldn't play with those bears and wolves. They wouldn't know how to play right. The bears were like the ones I saw on the Olympic Peninsula.

There was one wolf I could play with. Here we are:

2012-06-15-W Yellowstone GWDC Miles and Wolf
I also got to meet and awesome bear in the store. He was really friendly and said he meets lots of people from all over the world. Some of them have traveled more than me!

2012-06-15-W Yellowstone GWDC Miles and Big Bear

Monday, February 4, 2013

Tillamook Cheese Factory -- Tillamook, OR

I make cheese!

2011-11-29 Canon Beach (154)

See my head on the body at the Tillamook Cheese Factory?  I don't really care for cheese. I prefer my milk to be turned into ice cream.