Monday, February 11, 2013

Cannon Beach, OR

Last November we went to the Oregon Coast. Cromely said it would be really pretty. He was right. There was a great hotel room with lots of Pillows! I like lots of pillows. Tuckers came, too, but he just wanted to build a fort and nap. Rex convinced him to go outside.

2011-12-02 Cannon Beach Day 4 Stuffed (9)

Outside it was chilly and nice.

2011-11-29 Canon Beach (48)

I also made a new friend. He's spends all his time outside.

2011-11-30 Cannon Beach (41)

The best part was all the snacks. I think I had one on each day.

2011-11-30 Cannon Beach (37)

2011-11-29 Canon Beach (179)

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