Sunday, January 27, 2013

Montana Historical Society -- Helena, MT

Cromely has really been slacking off lately; I have made a lot of trips over the past year and have more pictures to show. Now I've got hold of his laptop so I can get started again.

This past summer, we drove to Montana. Road trips can be very different from flights and are much better than being in coach.

Here I am in Helena, MT, outside the Montana Historical Society. Can you see me?

2012-06-18-Montana Historical Society and Miles

That's a metal statue of a cow's head, I'm told.  I don't know; it look very different from most of the cows I know. Plus it's really big.

Here's another look.

2012-06-18-Montana Historical Society and Miles-003

You can almost see me there.  I generally like my naps in the dark, but this day was so nice, I just couldn't help but smile and start to drift off...

2012-06-18-Montana Historical Society and Miles-001

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