Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cocoa Cay, Bahamas

Cromely and the GF took me on a boat for a trip called JoCo Cruise Crazy in February, 2013.  It was a "nerd cruise" on a really big boat -- bigger even than boat we took to Victoria.

2013-02-11_Freedom of the Seas (8)

It was whole week. They day after we started we got off the boat and went to the beach.

2013-02-11 (25)

It was warm and sunny and not like Seattle in February. I may be small, but I'm an adult, sophisticated Penguin so I sunbathed toppless!  Hee Hee.  I took off my scarf!

2013-02-11_Miles at Cocoa Cay (1)

2013-02-11_Miles at Cocoa Cay (3)

It was a great way to start the week.

2013-02-11 (30)

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