Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Friend on the Boat -- Freedom of the Seas, Carribean

I made a few new friends this trip. Some came back to Seattle with me. Another one stayed on the boat. He was a magic fellow that could only be around a few hours of the day. And he was a Shape Shifter.

When I met him, he was a crab. I think.

2013-02-11_Towell Animal_Miles (4)

2013-02-11_Towell Animal_Miles (1)

On another day, he was an elephant.

2013-02-13_Towell Elephant_Miles (2)

He let me ride him to go see a few more of our friends.

<2013-02-13_Towell Elephant_Miles and Friends (2)

Another night, he was a seal.

2013-02-14_Towell Animal Seal (4)

2013-02-14_Towell Animal Seal_Miles (2)

The next night, he was a monkey. Which I guess is like a Sea Monkey, but different. Which is weird because we were out at sea...

2013-02-15_towell Monkey (3)

2013-02-15_Towel Monkey wiht Miles (1)

2013-02-15_Towel Monkey wiht Miles (3)

I invited him back to Seattle, and he liked the idea, but decided to stay. He already had a lot of other shape shifter friends on the boat and would miss them too much. We said our good byes and he untwisted back into the air.  You get to meet really interesting people when you travel.

2013-02-16_Towell Menagerie

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